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Episode 6: I’d Do Anything For Love, Meatloaf, Nov 23rd 1993. Step Up To the Table Because The Food Channel Is Launched!

Meatloaf In The Oven!

The Food Network is launched. “The Bridges of Madison County” was competing with Howard Stern’s, “Private Parts“, for the number 1 spot on the Best Seller’s list. BAM! became another word for garlic thanks to Emeril Legasse. Bill Bixby (The Hulk), would turn green no more and Michael Jackson was booted by Pepsi. Who knew that the launch of this network would re-season the taste buds of America?

Episode 5: Fantasy, Mariah Carey, Oct 3, 1995. The O.J. Verdict was in, DVDs were new and George Clooney Was Just Getting Started!

The O.J. Simpson verdict happened on this date. The United States was once again forced to look at its racial divide. CD ROM was soon to be overtaken by this new thing maria careycalled a DVD. Denzel Washington was breaking out.  E.R. was on top and Howard Stern was fired again in Chicago. While the racial divide played out in the O.J. trial and politics, it was the magic of the arts, music and entertainment that continued to show the multi-cultural excellence of the United States

Episode 4: Jessie’s Girl, August 1, 1981. The PC was launched, the Empire was striking back and the first AIDS fundraiser was held.

Jessie’s Girl was Number One on the pop charts. The world was changing Jessie's_Girlfaster than we knew it was at the time. MTV was born on that day. The last gasp of the analog world was upon us as the USA Today was being conceived and the first IBM PC was being launched. At the movies The Empire was striking back and Zorro announced he was a gay blade. AIDS was named and the first fundraiser we held. And the US Army was worried about pregnancies, strength, stamina and sole parenthood were core concerns about female recruits!”