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Episode 16:  Respect, Aretha Franklin, June 12 1967

Springtime, It happens every Salem and “The Marlboro Man”, were regular slogans on TV as cigarette ads were still allowed. 8-track tapes were new to the land and the Empire State residents were concerned that the new World Trade Center, would block and disrupt TV signals. Jimmy Hendrix, makes his debut at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go. Chuck Berris, added “The Family Game” to his existing stable of “The Dating Game” and “The Newlywed Game”–all precursors to the best game show of all time:  “The Gong Show”!  Over 75% of African American homes had at least one of these items:  Jet Magazine, Ebony Magazine,  a James Brown Record or an Aretha Franklin record.  If you were at the movies you were checking out Sydney Poitier with, “To Sir With Love” with a Lulu of a song or were hanging out “Barefoot in the Park” with Cat Ballou who was soon to be “Hanoi Jane” and later a fitness guru and Mrs. Ted Turner!

Episode 15: What’s Going On, Marvin Gaye, March 7, 1971

marvinThe United States was still at war in Vietnam.  The Mai Lai Massacre is alive in the press as an American soldier is convicted of mass murder.  Archie Bunker, was just getting started and Ali-Frazier was about to be chiseled into American history.  And how did a Marijuana reference “one toke over the line”, get past the sensors and get played on AM radio?  Central Florida gets on the map and D.B. Cooper, takes the money and runs (or drops) out of sight.  The last puff of cigarette commercials are aired as we say goodbye to the Marlboro man on TV for the last time.   A U. S. Building is bombed and our reaction was much different than what would happen on 9/11 a generation later.

Episode 13: Fame, David Bowie, October 1, 1975

imageMuhammad Ali had just made Howard Cosell say, “Down goes, Frazier! Down goes, Frazier!  Down goes, Frazier!  Zingy Stardust had matured with, FAME.  Saturday Night had two Live shows launching at the same time.   The one without Cosell would last over 40 years. The wars had just begun between Beta and VHS.  The Service Academies were just admitting the first female students and Disco was about to become the way we like it-uh-huh-uh-huh!  Sunset Sam had yet to emerge on MTV.  The mid-to-late ’70s were the end of analog and the beginning of digital. Goodnight John-Boy had beaten out Flip Wilson in the ratings and Fred was coming to Join Elizabeth!


Episode 9: (They Long To Be) Close To You, Carpenters, August 28, 1970

Carpenters_LOGOCassette Tapes are competing with 8-Tracks, Goldie Hahn, is leaving Laugh-in and Chevy goes , VEGAtarian!

Say What? The hit making machine, The Carpenters only had one number one hit. They had several number 2s. Once they were held back by The Jackson Five (makes sense) and another time by The Partridge Family (Yikes!)

During the summer of ’70, the U.S. was taking a deep breath from the tumult of the ’60’s and preparing itself for the two “D’s” that were about to descend: Disco and Digital! Nothing earth shattering in technology or music although the floppy disk was invented that year.”

Episode -8: You’ve Got A Friend, James Taylor, July 31, 1971: “Instant Replay” is brand new. Intel launches its first microprocessor And Sandra Oh is born!

How come it took so long (2015) for James Taylor, to have the Number 1 Album in the U.S? The FCC comes up with standard rules for this new-fangled thing called Cable TV in the summer of 1971.  Carol King, creates some tapestry with an album for the ages. jamestaylorHoly Trinitron Batman, Nixon is going to China! The South Tower of the NEW World Trade Center is completed and we have aa new toy called the Weeble! “The Pentagon Papers” were deemed public information and how this relates to Edward Snowden!  Yikes!  There was a lot going on when “You’ve Got A Friend” was the Number 1 song!

Episode 3: I Heard It Through The Grapevine, December 14, 1968. We had a nun that flew. We landed on the moon and intro’d the “radar-range”!

I heard it through the grapevine:
I Heard it Through The Grapevine was Number One on December 14, 1968. That year was one of the most tumultuous in American history. There was a social-cultural revolution going on that year. We had a Nun that flew. We were just six months away from Woodstock and landing on the moon. Sadness also settled on the land with the loss of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. And what was a Radar Range? And,did Richard Nixon really say, “Sock it to me!?”

Episode 2: August 31, 1975: That’’s The Way I like It. The Birth of the Rhinestone Cowboy, Disco and a big fish named, JAWS!

Thats The Way I Like it:  KC & The Sunshine Band:

And Don’t Forget Your Boogie Shoes!

That’s The Way I like It, was the number one song on August 31, 1975. Right smack in the middle of the beginning of rock and roll and before the roll out of the most popular music genre since then, Rap. So, what was going on during this time? Listen in as Frank reflects on what was popular back then and some of the other issues of the day ranging from Boom Boxes and the Bicentennial to the birth of Disco and a Rhinestone Cowboy. And let’s not forget Jaws, Chris Evert and The Ritchie Family!