Episode 11 “Cream: Prince and the New Power Generation, Nov. 7, 1991

Prince and the New Power Generation, Nov. 7, 1991\

imageThe year was 1991. The month was November and the date was the 7th. We were still nine years away from Y2K and 12 years removed from The Artist formerly know as Prince’s first successful top-40 hit single, “I Want To Be Your Lover”.

Jimmy was being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Magic was shocking the world with the announcement that he had contracted the AIDS virus.image

The Reagan Library was being dedicated and some guy named Geraldo, was kissing and telling about his sexcapades with the Devine Bette Midler and Michael Jackson was about to be “Dangerous”.

A father of three sons also left the world and a TV generation. Check out the podcast and explore what else was going on when Prince and the New Power Generation had the hit song: CREAM on Nov. 7. 1991

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