Episode 13: Fame, David Bowie, October 1, 1975

imageMuhammad Ali had just made Howard Cosell say, “Down goes, Frazier! Down goes, Frazier!  Down goes, Frazier!  Zingy Stardust had matured with, FAME.  Saturday Night had two Live shows launching at the same time.   The one without Cosell would last over 40 years. The wars had just begun between Beta and VHS.  The Service Academies were just admitting the first female students and Disco was about to become the way we like it-uh-huh-uh-huh!  Sunset Sam had yet to emerge on MTV.  The mid-to-late ’70s were the end of analog and the beginning of digital. Goodnight John-Boy had beaten out Flip Wilson in the ratings and Fred was coming to Join Elizabeth!


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