Episode 14: Justify My Love, Madonna, January 16, 1991

The world was at war as Desert Storm was just starting and names like Colin Powell and Schwartzkoff would soon be part of every newscast.  MTV was the king of music.  imageAIDS had unfortunately claimed more than 100,000 live in the U.S.  Sony Handycam was introduced that week and would soon take over the “Camcorder” as the leader in consumer video.  A position it would hold until the camera phone decades later.  Cheers, Designing Women and A Different World ruled the airwaves.  Delta Burke was suing the producers and Lisa Bonet was getting married to Mrs. Willis’ son!  Wolfgang Puck and the new McLean Burger from McDonalds were fighting for taste-bud supremacy!


MC Hammer, Portable lie CD Players, this kid named Clinton is a long-shot for the presidency.

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