Episode 15: What’s Going On, Marvin Gaye, March 7, 1971

marvinThe United States was still at war in Vietnam.  The Mai Lai Massacre is alive in the press as an American soldier is convicted of mass murder.  Archie Bunker, was just getting started and Ali-Frazier was about to be chiseled into American history.  And how did a Marijuana reference “one toke over the line”, get past the sensors and get played on AM radio?  Central Florida gets on the map and D.B. Cooper, takes the money and runs (or drops) out of sight.  The last puff of cigarette commercials are aired as we say goodbye to the Marlboro man on TV for the last time.   A U. S. Building is bombed and our reaction was much different than what would happen on 9/11 a generation later.

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