Episode 16:  Respect, Aretha Franklin, June 12 1967

Springtime, It happens every Salem and “The Marlboro Man”, were regular slogans on TV as cigarette ads were still allowed. 8-track tapes were new to the land and the Empire State residents were concerned that the new World Trade Center, would block and disrupt TV signals. Jimmy Hendrix, makes his debut at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go. Chuck Berris, added “The Family Game” to his existing stable of “The Dating Game” and “The Newlywed Game”–all precursors to the best game show of all time:  “The Gong Show”!  Over 75% of African American homes had at least one of these items:  Jet Magazine, Ebony Magazine,  a James Brown Record or an Aretha Franklin record.  If you were at the movies you were checking out Sydney Poitier with, “To Sir With Love” with a Lulu of a song or were hanging out “Barefoot in the Park” with Cat Ballou who was soon to be “Hanoi Jane” and later a fitness guru and Mrs. Ted Turner!

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