Episode 18: Afternoon Delight:Starland Vocal Band, July 4, 1976

During the summer of 1976, people thought that the title fo the song was about “making mid-day whoopie” (thanks Newlywed Game), when they heard the song, Afternoon Delight.  This catchy little earworm reached number one during the week that America was celebrating a 200 year anniversay.  According to Billboard Chart HIstorian, Fred Bronson, the song was actually named after a great meal at a restaurant.  That is certainly different than the. first top-ten hit ever recorded by a porn star, “More More More”, by Andre True.   How do you like it….

Bruce Jenner was an Olymian and Nadia was the first 10 in Gymnastics.  Atari was a “Breakout” hit and it’s creators, Wozniak and Jobs were still unknown to the world.  John Lennon was allowed to stay in the U.S.  The last slide rule was made and mercy sakes alive, we were about to start a CB convoy!

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