Episode 19: Something Stupid: Frank and Nancy Sinatra, April 28th, 1967.

In the Spring of 1967, deep cultural seeds were being planted that would germinate in ’68 an ’69 and then mature and linger over the ’70’s, 80’s and ’90s.
Muhammad Ali refuses induction into the US army and becomes a mainstream social pariah.   Full redemption comes to him as a Parkinson’s afflicted man lights the torch with a shaking hand body.  The first electric car is launched by Westinghouse.  Electric cars are mainstream in 2010.   Barbara Walters prominence rises on the today show.  This daughter of the owner of the famed, “Latin Quarter” venue would become a TV icon in the 80’s and launch a talk staple named, “The View”. Herb Alpert, Aretha, The Temptations and Lou Rawls are carving out their entertainment turf.  Rowan and Martin and The Smothers Brothers are redefining TV.   Twiggy is creating “The Waif” look that would remain desirable until the Bulimia of Karen Carpenter.
Let’s Get Into This–Take a listen.

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