Episode 2: August 31, 1975: That’’s The Way I like It. The Birth of the Rhinestone Cowboy, Disco and a big fish named, JAWS!

Thats The Way I Like it:  KC & The Sunshine Band:

And Don’t Forget Your Boogie Shoes!

That’s The Way I like It, was the number one song on August 31, 1975. Right smack in the middle of the beginning of rock and roll and before the roll out of the most popular music genre since then, Rap. So, what was going on during this time? Listen in as Frank reflects on what was popular back then and some of the other issues of the day ranging from Boom Boxes and the Bicentennial to the birth of Disco and a Rhinestone Cowboy. And let’s not forget Jaws, Chris Evert and The Ritchie Family!

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