Episode-7: The Candy Man, Sammy Davis Jr. , June 10, 1972. Title IX becomes law –3 months after Mia Hamm is born! Lynda Carter is, “Miss World” USA.

Sammy Davis Jr. and Muhammad Ali: Goofing Around

Before she becomes Wonder Woman a few years later, Wonder Woman–Lynda Carter was from Tempe, Arizona and Miss World USA. The Watergate Break-in had just happened and no one knew this would lead to impeachment of Nixon. Sears had a cartridge TV (Pre-VCR) and it cost $1600 and only recorded a few hours. The Staple Singers had the highest selling and probably the best dance gospel tune of all-time: I’ll Take You There by the Staple Singers. Do you remember Marlee Matlin dancing to it in the movie: Children of a Lesser God?”  June-’72, the ’60s are definitely over and in a few years disco would be king.

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