Episode -8: You’ve Got A Friend, James Taylor, July 31, 1971: “Instant Replay” is brand new. Intel launches its first microprocessor And Sandra Oh is born!

How come it took so long (2015) for James Taylor, to have the Number 1 Album in the U.S? The FCC comes up with standard rules for this new-fangled thing called Cable TV in the summer of 1971.  Carol King, creates some tapestry with an album for the ages. jamestaylorHoly Trinitron Batman, Nixon is going to China! The South Tower of the NEW World Trade Center is completed and we have aa new toy called the Weeble! “The Pentagon Papers” were deemed public information and how this relates to Edward Snowden!  Yikes!  There was a lot going on when “You’ve Got A Friend” was the Number 1 song!

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