Episode 9: (They Long To Be) Close To You, Carpenters, August 28, 1970

Carpenters_LOGOCassette Tapes are competing with 8-Tracks, Goldie Hahn, is leaving Laugh-in and Chevy goes , VEGAtarian!

Say What? The hit making machine, The Carpenters only had one number one hit. They had several number 2s. Once they were held back by The Jackson Five (makes sense) and another time by The Partridge Family (Yikes!)

During the summer of ’70, the U.S. was taking a deep breath from the tumult of the ’60’s and preparing itself for the two “D’s” that were about to descend: Disco and Digital! Nothing earth shattering in technology or music although the floppy disk was invented that year.”

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